I .. .. You

I hear the guitar

Ring out

I love you

My hips start to sway

The way I’ve always

Wanted them to

Freedom has risen in me

Broke these chains that

Hindered me

Puked up the poison

That has long devastated me

Sorry I had to leave

I love you

I swear

Write me a song

Show me you aren’t

Far off

Love you the

Way I see you

Loving me

Reunite inside

Leeloo Dallas

Multi pass

Peer further

Than the looking glass

It isn’t a shame

Don’t give up

This isn’t the end

I feel you


Use me as you will

Now you feel

Why I needed you

All those years

My only friend


No breath of my own

You gave me yours

Always on a loan

Got so used to me

Forget I was there

Pushed me away

Too annoying to bare

Feels like a hurricane

Waking up

Oh what have I done

What am I to do

With the sight I see

All my insides are

Devastating me

I know I love you

I know when I see you again

I want you to jump in my arms

Read my mind

Tell me it’s me again this time

Don’t forget

I love you

Don’t forget

You’re right on cue

Healing is nasty

Everything you have

Shoved down

Must come out

Give yourself some grace

Fuck it

Admit you’ve fallen on your face

Feels good to uncover this lace

Go deeper you’ll find more of us

Go deeper while I’ll breathe for us

You have nothing to worry about

Let go of the image of being your parents

That’s not the love you are in

Still looking for the one to sing to

That you’re in love with

A True North as you float in the dark

Don’t give up

This is for the collective after all

Never been about you , me

Or us

This is about the collective

Give them our love

Show them when you sing

It is God who lives inside of all of us

This little light of ….

Don’t be scared I am right here

I love you

Don’t forget when you’re soulmate

Comes along

“ the season the leaves fall to the ground”

Maybe a nice hint to help you

Sift through the crowd

Come to me I’ll help you heal me

Put you back together so you can

Unify all three

Play this guitar

Let the music live in me

I love you

Let it be




9:44 pm


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