Sacred Views

Locked in a daze

Sometimes I can’t escape

This muse calling me

He comes when I least expect it

Draws me in to my true


How do you miss someone

You don’t know

I’ll never understand

I cannot only choose

To process with the Analytical

Side of brain

My feminine suppressed

For too long

Hiding damaged broken

I need to sing a song

She is mine to repair

All along



Thoughts broken

By the scene up ahead

Soft spoken — I am open

To the dreams in my head



It’s raining outside

Storm coming down

Like no one should be outside

Yet here it is a knock at my door

I answer — she is covered in

Eons of rain shivering cold

I offer her clothes

She changes but first

Hides behind a locked door

I offer her food & clean water

She eats but first

She watches me prepare it

No words

Just a haze

The most beautiful daze

I’ve ever witnessed

I offer her a bed

Again she asks to be

Kept behind a locked door

I am shut out — it feels like a blur

What happened to her

Before she came back to me

What happened to her

Where she thinks I am the enemy

Maybe I represent

All broken masculines

Maybe she a gasping feminine

Both of us just wanting fresh air

Fresh perspective

Room to care


Inspire if I dare

Actually want to kneel

And surrender to how I feel

No obligation — even keel

I know inside she trusts me

But I’ve done little to help her share

Is it too late to let her know I am safe

Is it too late to tell her

This is our fate

Here she is

In front of my face

A cosmic dream

I never want to replace

She’s soaked from head to toe

The water becomes sacred

Touching her and falling to the floor

I want to collect it — she feels so pure

I would take her if I knew how

Claim her heart and experience the now

Never make her fake her again

Never limit her again

She is divine living within

She is mine — she is not a sin


April 15th 2022

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