It was never about

Rejecting you

More of feeling


More of protecting

You from the unhealed

Parts of me

I saw in my head

What I wanted to offer

But I could not

Embody that at the time

So bread crumbs

Of what is divine

What is rightfully mine

Sprinkled through the years

I know it read as hot and cold

I know it read as leave me alone

An ebb and flow

Of both our paths

I never wanted to let go

Shoved it down

Telling myself

I don’t remember

All the roads lead

Back to you

I rise I fall

I wake up

I go back to sleep

This is me

This isn’t me

I give myself grace

To get caught

In the in-between

I’ve been with you

This whole time

As you’ve been with me

Tapping into it

Gives me such relief

I wrap up in you

Like you wrap up in me

Saving me constantly

From such false entities

I can see the light of escape

I believe I’ll see you before

I find my way





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