Double Heartbeat

Oh what could it mean

This is reminding me

Of my personal awakening

I wish I could give you

Back your memory

Not so easy when this

Shit comes along

Double heartbeat

Sing me a song



I wish when you call

I could hand you

Your treasure map

With all the obstacles beat

And the X marking the spot

You claim is me

Get on your ship and sail along

True North carrying you along



Your true heart is in my pocket

I never gave it back

Made a pledge to never break it

But honor the free will

When you wanted to take it



Can you comprehend a love

That strong

Can you forgive yourself

For never knowing any better



My heart is beating

In the beat familiar to you

These neurons screaming

Fuckkk it’s you

It’s you



You know where I am

Where I’ve been

You know my upbringing

The backroads we traveled

In our small towns are the same

Cut from the same cloth

You and I will always remain



I’ve made peace with never seeing you

Again — never hearing your voice

In this incarnation god forbid

I’ll admit to this website you peak at

It’s never what I wanted

I’ve spent the last 20 years protecting

Myself from you while protecting you

From me — don’t touch — needs to grow



Our energy combining

I am not in control of this ascension

Anymore — have to listen to

The love that overflows

Every breath I take is yours

Every beat is meant to help us go

Get through the karma that divides

These incarnations soul

Oh this double heartbeat reminding me

Of so many cosmic epiphanies



My other half

My old friend

My root system

Winding up my spine

I’m sending compassion

As you dig into your vine

clear out the poison

Hoping you make it this time




This double heartbeat

Is my home

No ego to throw at you

In a battle ring

I cannot hurt you

All I see is the sweet boy

On the phone

An honorable man

That I know is my home



I’ve made peace with never seeing

You again — but I can feel you

Grieving me within

It takes my breath away

To think I might actually

Have to return home without you

It sinks in my heart like a slow burning knife

Masochist I am so I breathe the pain out — ignite

My heart defibrillator


So many names I have for you

soul is my favorite I find



I’m happy to translate these

Transmissions from my soul

Throw them out into the Universe

Let this unconditional love

Help save the world



Bowing my head in gratitude

Double heart beat

You are my divine

We are always connected

Time after time



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