He Acts As If He —— Wants To Come Back

You said to me

One time

“makes everyday feel brand new”

It broke my soul

To read that

That phrase showed me

Too much of where your mind

And heart were

So deeply far away

From me and where you

Originated from

Blindly walking

A karmic path

Seeing light and hating

It for melting your illusions

Refusing to take the lesson

Pride bigger than the king of the jungle

So you shut your eyes and forget

Act full and gullible

Like you didn’t know

If you pulled the trigger

That that is the way it would go

“ he acts as if he wants to come back”

They tell me in harmony

No judgement from them just

An observation of what they see

Shining down on you and me

Telling me as I try to fall asleep

I send you love wherever you are

Knowing deep down

You will find your truth

With or without me





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