Paradigm Shift

I’m falling upwards

What more can I say

The courage these moves

Take make me look like disarray



I’m falling upwards

What more do you need

To believe

My mind is different now

I’m not the version of me

In your head

Rather be dead to you

Then be that fool again



What more can I say

These moves look manic

To normal I am insane

Free is my spirit

From this mundane domain

Free is my soul

I’ve been missing so long



I’ve been trying to figure out

How to be human for almost 3 years

Woke up in a flash and realize

The world is insane

Everyone disconnected

Heart and brain

Knowledge rewritten

To serve nobody in the end

Dig through the old books

Find the truth of the

past incarnations

Found a book that told

me I am the truth

So are you



What more can I say

I have said all of this before

When are we gonna break

These cycles — they’ve been

Spinning for quite some time

You wanna break these circles

Reclaim the knives you’ve dug within



I am walking on borrowed time

Don’t have time to play rewind

I enjoy living but not scared to die

Won’t remember this name

Won’t remember your face

Walk this bridge

Earth no more my place



What a dream it will be to

See you all again

In another frequency

Can’t come back to

Face all this again

The world is still turning

But for how long

The freedom I crave is

Vanishing before my eyes

Couldn’t call out if I tried



I bet this all looks weird

I’m following my heart

Believing in myself

Like I should’ve done

From the start

So many years apart

Union has finally come

Inside myself I rise

To live again

Maybe I’ll do it right

This time — last chance

To see me — I die first

I bet it hurts

Wasting all this time

In vein

I remember when heroine

Wanted to eat my pain

Never let it lace my veins

But I’ve rehabbed plenty

friends pain — you can’t die first

You have too much to do

Call your energy back to you

In that stream of thought

You’ll find me —

Cross legged





7:49 pm


November 8th 2021

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