Untitled Flow

If you could

Wake up everyday

For you

Tell me

What would you do ?


I know you wouldn’t

Go to work

That place isn’t

Fun to lurk


So tell me

What would you do

To actually support you?

Heaven knows

You haven’t been

Seeing yourself



Have you forgotten

Your passion along the way

Mundane , condemned

To the Sheeples way


I’m sure it pains

You to say

The artist are right

We’ve lost our way

We’re the last connection

Before the dark decays

The light


I continue to write

Like I have not one reader

I continue to write

Because I finally

Found what feeds her


One day I woke up

It was a Sunday

I believe


I’m still in shock


The things I’d done to me


I ran around with

my cape on

saving methadone

And heroine


Sad helpless


Looking for someone

To see them

Give them a home


Praying God

Would guide me through

All the people who said

I had zero attachment to you


You believe the Devil

Was in me and that I

Believe is true


You were scared for me

You didn’t realize

You fucking left me too


I sat in front of him

And asked why he is

So hated from people

Who act just like you


He began to tell me

That this world is Jaded


Won’t look at themselves


So they say I did it

Won’t confess their

Self created hell

So I must’ve come

To finish it


They wanted the world

So I asked for their soul

If they didn’t want to take

Care of it then my job is

To steal the role


It’s a balance you see

Yin and Yang Biblically



I wonder what it would

Be like having

Everyone think

They know you ?


Looking at your sins

And out bursts


“Oh Ofcourse that’s you”


I understand why poison

Is so easily passed a long


I really try to lessen

the blow

By sending you

a song


I’m tired of being chastised

For finding the girl I

Almost killed


I’m tired of giving my

Love to those who

Think strings have to

Be filled


I’m tired of being looked

At because I will not be

What you will


I cannot walk your direction

This feels too much a foe

Just know that I love you

But I really do have to go


I decided today

To wake up for myself

No one but God and

Cheyenne herself


Too many peaky eyes

Think that’s selfish

I hear …

“Didn’t you get married “

They say

“You’re one now!”

They say


They HAVE to

prove to me


Can’t be a

friend in you

I refuse to see

Lost my way


I look at them in silence

And know they just

Need me to pray


Stuck in Karma

An Epiphany on the way


Forgive them Lord

They love your job

So easy to hide their

Sin in me & walk away


I walk around

Sinning like its free


I say fuck



And tell you

ThIs Is mE


You are not realizing

That your soul can

Also be damned

Without judging me


Open your bible

I’ll read it with you

Not one version

But the million

We’ve drew


I will find the truth

Hidden in you

You can’t hide from me

God won’t let you


I am not righteous

I prefer to walk on the


I’ll never pass a sinner

And think that they are

Not mine

We are all connected

How can you be so blind


Caught up in a world

That all ya’ll know

Isn’t FINE


So close your eyes

And listen to the voice

That is so small

In that head

It’s the Angel in you

Calling saying please

Face ME before I’m dead


They can’t stay forever

If you choose to

Write them off


If you chose to read

This far have you

Chosen yourself

At all?


Or are you reading

This away from them

And hiding from yourself

The light is coming

I want you here


Don’t let the darkness



and if you do

It’s not my fault

You’ve rotten

From within


Just know

When you fall


I’ll dive down




You really


Aren’t that tall


No noose is fun

Especially when

The deed is done


You’ll regret it

I promise

You’ll miss everyone

Ask Bennington


They know

But the choice was

In the call


if you choose your noose

Then I will hang with you




I’ll sit beside


Blood shot eyes

And hang until

You choose


Unbind yourself

Combine yourself

Divinity is within you


Chastise yourself?

Why ? God is that

The day he Judges you


So picture it

Your judgement day

Do you think you are

So clean?

I promise you

My sin is real

But it won’t pop

Up on your screen


You can’t pass

The bucket

And just say

Fuck it

Like the energy

Isn’t real


You condemn

Yourself to the

devils den

And think you

Can live through

My sin


Remember I’ve been

Sending love this

Whole damn time


You’ve been hearing

Steering, glaring

Blind, Telling lies

Fucking my eyes

Kindly simply

Squeezing limes


I can wipe it away

It is not mase



That is just not nice



here I am

Loving all of you


Asking and wondering

Do you actually love you too?


Can you show up

For yourself

When life just isn’t fair ?


Control your temper

When you found

Another cross to bear?


Call me text me

You aren’t alone

This life we live

Can be a bore


Don’t close the door

Get up from the floor

You can’t do this alone


I need a little

Help from my friends

Can’t do this on

My own

But I refuse to

Have the vampires

Come and pretend

We are friends

Fuck off

Go home




So let me go

You are not

Kind to me

Can’t help

Me grow

So watch










Take care

Dear friends

I have to go






Don’t forget.




I love you.






Untitled Flow

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