I have to go

Away from those

Who feed me


You promise a feast

And when I show

Breadcrumbs scatter

The floor



Am I to pick these up?

Is this what you’ve invited me to?

Left me with ?

How am I to comprehend

This bullshit I see

You living in ?




I have to give

You back your crumbs

You should give these

To those who will except



I see right through you

I can’t except this

The only one I am

Holding accountable

Is me and it’s time

To admit that this

Isn’t it



Take your breadcrumbs

I won’t fool myself anymore

Take your breadcrumbs

Go give it to the people

That will except less

From you

Give them to the people

Who let you hide from you

One day wrinkles will

Shine on through

You’ll stare down at your

Thumbs wondering

What you put

Yourself through

I won’t be there to

lessen the blow

I’m not your karma

Just a masterpiece

You can’t process

Just a simple soul

Whose purpose is to

Confess — know thyself



I hate standing up for myself

Against a loved one

Ripping myself

away from you

Even though I know

my heart beats for you

your love has never been

An after-thought for me

Too bad I am for you

You act like an end of the

Line sinner searching for a prayer

Promising one day you’ll be better

Lord I hope you find yourself & care

Maybe write your future self a letter

Either way I won’t be there

Cutting this cord so you

Can stand on your own

Cutting this cord

I can’t be your safety net





Save your breadcrumbs

My love



All I need is for you

To love you

Let your heart chakra

Vibrate the truth




9:53 am



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