I .. .. You

I hear the guitar Ring out I love you My hips start to sway The way I’ve always Wanted them to Freedom has risen in me Broke these chains that Hindered me Puked up the poison That has long devastated me Sorry I had to leave I love you I swear Write me a song... Continue Reading →

Soul Contracts & Karma Incarnate ——

Hello again Dear friend I feel this Complacency setting in A pull between desire And the truth within Pulling on your brain What is going on In this skin I put on these clothes Sigh at the mirror My days go by I feel low with fear What am I doing I can’t see clear... Continue Reading →

Matrix Twin

Each string Holds up a part of you . . Each string a condition Taking you away From you . . Away from me Here,Break these You find yourself At God’s knees Thinking of laying between me . . These strings Hold you up Do you feel so tall Scared to fall “Look at this... Continue Reading →

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