When The Debt Is Paid

I read your mind today

Felt your heart beat as

If it was mine

Reminds me of old times



Today is a new moon

In Aquarius

How do I transmute

This energy

Change it into

Something useful

in this infinity sign



I have clear sight

So clear sometimes

I want to die

I could never take

My own life

But I recognize

The trigger trying

to arise



“It is time to step into your uniqueness and dance more wildly to the music of your soul.”

Said the astrologer

“The music of my soul”

“The music of my soul”

“The music of my soul”

It echos in my head

Puts me in a trance

Every time



I’m getting flashbacks

I didn’t know I had

My bedroom in Golden

All the dancing I did

The piano in the

White room

With closed eyes

I could feel the notes

And the keys

My keyboard in

Camp Point

Me playing endlessly

While no one is around

Singing effortlessly

As people sit in the crowd

I remember now why

Stage fright caught me

So bad

No one let me sing the way

I’m supposed to sing

Always telling me how to breathe

How they want to hear the music

Is how I’m instructed to sing

So I lost it

Saw what the industry did to

My friends — warped their

Talent till all that was left

Was sin and gin

I’ve always missed her

The voice so pure

I’ve longed for her

To let me back in

Heal my heart

So I can sing again



I guess it’s another level

When you yearn to

Reignite parts of yourself

Piece by piece

I will reunite and

Let it all out



With no beat

To control my mouth

I am a siren calling

I will come out



When the debt is paid


February 1st 2022

Aquarius New Moon

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