Supermoon Affirmations

Can you feel when

The transmission is cut ?

The station was changed

A certain frequency




Memories left to

fill the day

The river above

Continues to flow

Dont reach your hand up

Just watch and let go

I believe it’s all up there

Always all around

While we continue to grow

Frequencies change

But never too low



I can feel

Heart strings

Being pulled

Breath deep

And let it go



People change

People grow

Say things

They mean

Then cancel

the show

No no no

No static is

meant to blow

It’s the way the

Wind takes you

Grow grow grow



Cleanse and clear

What no longer serves

The good here

No loneliness

No fear

Only good things

Can grow here

Let go and flow

Watch the water flow

Feel the knowledge go

You are all

And you are one

I am that ; I am



I send you love

I send you peace

I send you the recipe

Of forgiveness within


Inside you sits that

part of you

So I cut the ties

That you think

Could bind you

I release these cords

That do not serve

Our highest good

What stays is only

Beneficial to our

Growth and life’s purpose

What’s mine is mine

What’s yours is yours

With all the love

I support your growth

And so it is




10:50 PM

April 26 , 2021

SuperMoon – Pink- in Scorpio

Release the emotions – energy in motion

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