I Watched You Change

When the day comes You set your pride aside I have the opportunity for you When you’ve caught up to your ego And put a collar around him I have what you need What you’ve been longing for All these years The music you want to make Is finally here The space we needed Closes... Continue Reading →

Loneliness Has A Purpose

I’ve come to find No distraction around To hinder my progress within Wether I have started or just began I am feeling the pull from My old soul again The loneliness isn’t me I’m not missing anything The loneliness is my soul Yelling to try and get to me Tugging and tugging On these falsities... Continue Reading →

Father to Son

You should go to him Go to him before he’s gone Have him tell you the story of him Heart beating with limited time No one sees Even he … invisible widow maker Go to him Let him open up his truths His regrets If you need him to release you You don’t have much... Continue Reading →

Sound of Creation

This is where We come from What octave is creation Before it was spoke Whose heart were we living in What harmony do we come from And all yearn to go back Has that been the distraction all along The constant knock at the back of my Head wondering who or where you are Is... Continue Reading →


You seek me out I’m terrified Don’t know what your Truth is anymore Don’t know how to accept Such an introduction as this Do I want to run now As I stand here frozen Calm and collected My heart is racing Flashes of what you Want are in my mind As you approach me My... Continue Reading →

50 Days

Speak to me in only desire Just for tonight When the light peers Between the blinds Close the door to What you truly hide Mourning is not here yet So we have much time to connect Don’t waste time being Insecure about your caress When your hands touch me I am alive I am you... Continue Reading →

Compassion Companion

I carry death with me well Carry it with me In life So In death I may Carry life I translate death I translate the teeter of Should I give up today Or give it another day I translate my pain Like a poem written well Transmute my pain As inspired by my ribs poem... Continue Reading →

Everything is the Last

I must take this in One last time This is my end My true divine I must breathe this in It is my last ride Been away from home Too long Need to rest my head From where I roam Everything is the last Every step I take One step closer to my fate Everything... Continue Reading →

The Hemispheric Battles

I feel your heart beat at the back My chest How is this possible Asks the left brain Impossible So He puts you away . . I feel your heart beat at the back Of my brain Left side too boxed in Right side flowing Like someone Who dances and sings All the time Within... Continue Reading →

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