Remember who you are

I remember,

When all of this came to me.
Hit me.
Awoken something in me.

My eyes look different.
My mind cycles different.


I could compare this experience with an addict entering sobriety.
But i am no addict entering sobriety.
I found my calling. I lit the fire in my soul again.
All by myself… and the help from a select few.

I kept the faith.
Believed in myself.
My Center.
My Core.

I’ll never forget the feeling…

Always a double sided sword in this world.
The price of this was a hefty one i believe.

I lost myself
Hid myself
Almost stayed away

Something Happened…

Divine Intervention
Some would say
Some Believe

I just know it happened to me.
My Calling.
My Sense. Mine.

I Remember… When i lost myself…
I remember …. When i found myself…
I remember who was with me all along.

-Remember Who You Are-

3 thoughts on “Remember who you are

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  1. This is beautiful. So honest, so raw. I loved how you had a series of lines with only one word: they had a strong effect on the overall tone. Amazing use of ellipses, too.

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