Where is this—————— Music coming from

The civil wars

Sing in my head

I always wonder

Where this music

Comes from

I never press play

Someone sends it to me

They know I communicate

In music

I appreciate these guides

Helping me release what

Suffocates me on the inside

“Please tell me you know”

They always play it at the

Perfect verse

“I’ve got to let you go “

Finishing the verse

In my head

It makes me sad

This lullaby isn’t for me

So I grieve the love

You thought you had

Grieve the faces I

Thought you were mad

I continue to grieve

As though this is

Just all me

Walking around

Staring blankly

I tried to explain

My truth to my husband

Begged him to see my truth

He finally realized he wasn’t

Comprehending what I was

Saying all these years

He alone was hiding in his fears

I know that he feels lonely too

I wish I was his white horse

But I can’t do your homework

For you boo

You have life lessons to get through

I’m walking besides you

Stumbling over my worn out shoes

Yet here I am with melodies

In my head — meant for you

And meant for me

Look up above

This is God’s gift to me

These lessons we signed on to

These babies coming and we

Are supposed to guide them through

“ I wish I could’ve stayed “

I hear it everyday

“ I wish— I wish “

Let them all go

Put trust in your

Heaven flowing above

Put trust in this

Never ending

Unconditional love

Another song

Starts playing again

I close my eyes

Steady my breathing

Listen to the signs

That have helped

Me surrender

To what I know

Is leaving



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