He’s Coming

They said

Ace of pentacles

All around

It’s coming

It’s coming

Solar flares

Distant stares

My heart is beating


I feel something merge

Inside of me

We need balance

The moon

The star



Show me your cups


With love

Show me your rainbows

You’ve been hiding from

The high priestess

The lovers

The moon

Clarify with me

These words in your mind

You refuse to breathe

Something growing inside


When the levee breaks

I’ll be smiling at you

When the levee breaks

Don’t be scared to come through

After all this is just me and you

A cosmic wandering

For eons

Come together

Like a Beatles song

Come together

Where you know you belong

I’ll flip one more card

To end this time

Sooner or later

You’ll realize

“You are no longer yours

You are mine “


Two of pentacles

For the last card flip

3 of cups at the

bottom of the deck

April 14th 2022


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