High or Higher Self

I see the levels



How far we are

Away from the light



How high can I go

To find the truth



I breath

I breath

I breath



My eyes close

My body I let go



I have been this

Skin before

I have hurt this

Skin before

Yet healed this

skin before



You aren’t mad at the world

You are mad at yourself

Quit taking it out on

Everyone else



It’s you


Look in the mirror

You aren’t thinking clear

Default settings


Scraping over

The truth

We have been

Here before



Dancing over nails

Ballerina twirls

down the hall

Red rover

Red rover

Go all the way

To the back door

See the light shine

Out from under

The floor

Yin and Yangs

Physical presence

Allowed us to explore

Each door moore



Do you remember

The death rooms ?

What you hide ?

What you keep ?

My eyes sting

I haven’t gone there

In years

This isn’t feeling

Like a treat



Oh darling

They call you

It’s all for you



Am I out of my mind

Trying to reach up to you ?

Is this all there is without you ?



So many preach faith

Then back away when

I am true with my disgrace



I don’t want to judge myself

Or anyone else

I just want my heart back



They showed me when I

Closed my eyes

My heart is closing again

I’m holding myself again

But I’m not alone

Never been



Hello higher self

I feel you rise

The Phoenix flies



It must be me in my way

Thought it was problems

Z. To A



I set the intention

To heal

Please dont chy away

Don’t hide from me

I am you

here for you



Higher self

Telepathy harmony

I hear every word

You tell me

No lips moving

Between you and I

I see you touch my heart

Your hand on my shoulder

your robe — pure light

You are covered in blue

Throat chakra coming


How many more times

Will I deny my truth



12:50 Pm

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