Love it baby

Can my

True friends

Call me baby

So you don’t

have to

Can we connect

The two

So when you leave

I won’t despise

The word

You put me


When she says

It I feel alive

I know time

Is on our side

When you say

It the clock

Started to tick

The sand started

To sift.

Can my true

Friends call

Me baby so

I don’t have to

Think of you

When your done

Using me?

I can handle

Their label

I can be her baby

Even if the sexuality

Is labeled maybe

I can be her baby

But the clock starts

Ticking when I

Think I’m yours

The sand starts sifting

When you are all

I adore.

Don’t call me baby

That’s for her

She honors me

Where you

Are poor

Don’t call me baby

Till you can

Fill the hole

Don’t call me baby

I don’t need

To remember

Your tone

I don’t need

To rewrite

Your throne

Let me remember



Don’t call me baby

Don’t make me erase you

Don’t make me fuck

Some else to deftones

I’m not your baby

I’m hers.

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