Dredging my Subconscious

Did you know

That everything you say

And is said to you

Is fed to your subconscious ?



It could be a joke

Negative self talk

Influence from others

The list goes on



I’ve read of this before

And have centered my life

For a few years around

Rewiring this part of myself

But hearing it again

Made me want to throw up

Remembering everything

That has been said to me

By so many who say

They love me

Yet tell me who i am

How to speak

How to breathe

It makes me sick

I let this go on for too long

Let this sit inside a notebook

Instead of singing it in a song

Dredging my subconscious

How far can I go along

Dredging my subconscious

I feel myself be gone



I’m scraping the bottom

The silt is becoming a little much

It’s hard to see through all this dust

Can I swim this far down

Feel around with my hands

Until I think I feel my ground



I’m clearing out this poison

I’ve held for you too long



Go back to who I was

Before the world dug

It’s flaws into me



I can’t stop now

I’ve floated to the truth

Feels like a perfect circle song

“Gravity” coming through



6:49 pm


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