Matrix Twin

Each string

Holds up a

part of you



Each string

a condition

Taking you away

From you



Away from me

Here,Break these

You find yourself

At God’s knees

Thinking of laying

between me



These strings

Hold you up

Do you feel so tall

Scared to fall

“Look at this

empty space”

I tell myself

I don’t wanna



I cut my strings

Collapsed at the

Lord’s feet

Can’t do this

This isn’t me

I lost family

Lost who I told

Myself I was

supposed to be

Luckily I have

my memory



I remember you

And I remember me

Going around

Making sounds

Acting so proud



Not golden strings

Cut them

Against the odds

Fall to your knees

Don’t baptize yourself

In the water of false ideology

Don’t baptize yourself in a

House that isn’t holy



“Validating everything outside of me “

I watched you leave

Can’t stop you — never could

Never wanted to

You came to me

Sad eyes desperate lies

“ I’m sorry Chy “

Made me cry



Elevated I see Karma

Finishing its cycles

I bet you are scared shitless

You should be

You lost me — again

Gone with the wind

You never give me

Time to settle in

I speak as we have

Limited time to get

This in —-



I have no strings for you

Only love and kindness

To bring you through

I can’t play this game with you

Can’t watch and pretend

I’m strong enough to



Watch this facade

My soul is bleeding

Knowing these truths


Can’t escape me

Can’t escape you


I grow older everyday

I take a step away further

Everyday — can’t come back

After this display

Lessons in front of your

Face you chose to look away

Chose to do the same thing

The only one who ever really knew

Me — knew the truth

Drove a dagger into her chest

I killed my immortal

Watched her bleed out

What a sweetheart I am

To not make her suffer anymore

She can Rest In Peace away

From my dis-ease

I’ve corrupted my purpose

I can’t hurt you anymore

You are dead in me

Bury you

I’ll bury me


Hold you forever

Death is my peace



These strings bind

The man you knew

Turned me into someone

You don’t know

Don’t trust me

I am not fine

I’ll hide in the money

The house design

Won’t even cave inside

This is my disguise

I killed you so you don’t

Have to see the lie I love

To come home and be

Won’t call

Won’t visit

Won’t write a song

To set you free

I couldn’t let you

Walk away so I

Murdered me

You won’t come to me

You don’t know me

Now you’re with the

Part of me you love

The one above whose

Been loving you this

Whole time

Higher self

Future self

This bridge is my divide

Come together

One last time

Tell me you are mine

Was it my higher self

You loved

The whole time



No way you could love

This karmic flesh

I’m strung up in

No way you could

Subside my unworthiness

With kissing me one last time

Even in death I breathe with you

I must murder you to survive

These strings — decades and I

Can’t get you off my mine-D

Decades to go and I’m scared

You won’t go — can’t be vulnerable

So damaged from the road

Rear view mirror so many

Ghosts — unpacked issues

I cannot boast

Let’s hide in these conditions

Tell myself I’ve done the most

Let the past go

Biggest mistake

You’ll ever know

You are the past


Future you last forever

My infinity symbol

I ignorantly move from

Forget everything

Study to try and find me

Strike a nerve and come back to

The comfort zone that suffocates

Who i should be



9:38 am

11:53 am


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