This Is a Siren’s Song

I say your name over the water As soon as i sing it It becomes a sirens song It awe-lll escapes from me Drips from me Pours from me Let me gift you my release Heal me In these words You speak So close Never far away again Inside of me this Division will finally... Continue Reading →

I .. .. You

I hear the guitar Ring out I love you My hips start to sway The way I’ve always Wanted them to Freedom has risen in me Broke these chains that Hindered me Puked up the poison That has long devastated me Sorry I had to leave I love you I swear Write me a song... Continue Reading →

Aquarian Water Bearer

Aching for the sound of your steps in the forest This is our home Music always playing This is where I roam Aching to find the lotus Waiting Is it stuck in the mud Surrendering over and over I could transmute the pain But I want to carry it with me I need to know... Continue Reading →

Flirting with Awakening

Is that what I was doing the Whole time Flirting with destiny Twiddling my Thumbs with The Divine Flirting with awakening I am the currency on The line — I am A poker game I can’t Remember which Card is mine — Ace of spades Must be my feast To dine I’ve done it again... Continue Reading →

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