I am running

You triggered me

In our moment of bliss

It was you I breathe

I saw myself again but

It was taking me away

From what my ego missed

You triggered me again

Now I tell myself I’m pissed

Look in the mirror

Beta writing a list

I am triggered again

Waiting for you to

Appear from this mist

Show me the face

That matches my bliss



Let me find this


I’m getting tired

Of listening to

Everyone else

Put a for sale

Sign on my soul

Turn around

Ticket booth

Sold out —



Everyone telling me

I’m growing old


I tell myself I’m

Feeling old

Can I discern through

What is mine

And what is yours

Judging coming


Future self help

Which way do I go

Choose the path to heaven

Or repeat this divide below



I am not old

Just listen to the foe

Physical manifestations


Played out —

What a crazy riveting show


Anti idols are comfortable

We should be grateful

For those who teach us these

Lows — build the awareness

Continue progression

Don’t forget to grow


I am triggered again

Can’t stop running

To feel my head

Can’t stop running

Rat race got me wearing thin

Don’t look at me

My soul doesn’t

Match this skin

Don’t look at me


Is what I need

To learn again




1:45 pm

September 16th 2021

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