I swear it’s a love story

Sitting with him Was like heroin Sitting with its addict Sounds like a tragedy in the making but it’s A love story I swear No one could touch him The euphoria took me To a place only we could access together The rush of my heart Allows only this frequency Take me away And bring... Continue Reading →

This Is a Siren’s Song

I say your name over the water As soon as i sing it It becomes a sirens song It awe-lll escapes from me Drips from me Pours from me Let me gift you my release Heal me In these words You speak So close Never far away again Inside of me this Division will finally... Continue Reading →

I .. .. You

I hear the guitar Ring out I love you My hips start to sway The way I’ve always Wanted them to Freedom has risen in me Broke these chains that Hindered me Puked up the poison That has long devastated me Sorry I had to leave I love you I swear Write me a song... Continue Reading →

Same Soul Different Karma

Confessing seems To be a breeze these days No emotions to restrict These blocks that have Paved the way of the Person I am today So many versions of me Led me here Not all honorable Not all kind Most the versions I’ve apologized to Thought they were losing Their mind What a soul to... Continue Reading →


As much as I Mourn this loss with you I see clearly I cannot Do conditions with you Can’t wake up And check if you still Love me as much as I love you Can’t take up your free time When I know you need to grow The human in me is in agony Letting... Continue Reading →

A Yearn Untamed

I struggle to Stay connected To a part of Myself The part of myself I love the most I’m a ghost Your a ghost . . Boo . I yearn to confide Inside myself Be alone & Fix this Ocean of Loneliness I swim in I’m terrified of Water but here I Am flowing with... Continue Reading →

The Sight

I’ve found The sight again And it showed Me you Showed me a You I’ve never been Introduced to A you I don’t know Don’t like Won’t grow He’s flipping these Pages with no Answer in sight He sees my name And it gives him Panic and delight I can’t believe What I saw Picked... Continue Reading →

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