Channeling the Tsunami with Blue Kyanite ——

It was a

Tsunami coming in

I could feel the air change

The wind pull back

My heart pull

At the back of my chest

It’s coming

I am not prepared

Never am

Manic energy

Stirring within



He hits the shore

I’m awakened

To the power of

His storm

Can’t fight it

Barely swim

I’m taken under

As the waves pull

Back just in time

For me to catch my breath

He left

Choking on what

I have left

Spinning around

Such a mess

The water gone

To where it belongs

I never notice when

He is around

How truly manic

I sound

We don’t have

A lot of time

Come quick before

You go to sleep again

Take this piece

Of me with you

I’ll see you again


The water recedes

I look around at the

Damage he leaves

Why does he have

To come in so fast

Why does he have

To rush in so powerful

Doesn’t he know

I’m vulnerable

That I can’t breathe

Under water

Yet I drown in

You every time

It’s my preference now

To be consumed by you

Drag me out to sea

Just quit leaving me

On this beach

Things keep breaking here

Minds are faking here

I watch the water rise

My heart pulls

From the back of my spine

Here we are again

I let the water rise


4:31 pm

September 27th 2021

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