Are you mad?

Are you angry

You aren’t as happy as me?

What a coward you are to

Not fully see

You know nothing

Yet speak from way far AWAY

There was no recognition

in your voice that day

I admit I lied

Because you are unkind

Not to me but to thee

And I cannot stand by

You can run

But I won’t let you hide

You never thought

I’d be strong enough

To return the favor

Did you?


You limit me?

Tell me I can

Only appreciate ?


You lie

To her

To yourself

And think I

Am your divide.

That I am your divine.

Did you forget

To put me back

In my place?

Did you check and

See the shackles

Lay broken

Instead of encased ?

Poison is a tricky

Word when passed

Between what

Should not be

Friend and foe

Remind yourself

Of who you are

Ask yourself

What you already know

I am powerful in my WHOLE

And you are the one

Only letting yourself go

Do not disguise

my memory

In anger

Do not enable her

Chastising ways

You are meant to change

Her help her grow

How dare you think

You can be your father

Don’t wallow you toddler

Quit being blind

Because we are running

Out of time

Sit down

And ask yourself

Questions and

Start responding

With the truth.

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