Love Grows Where Your Heart Is Planted

Wake in the morning

First energy to greet me

Follow me through

The day I look for you

To pop up on a familiar street

Hang my head at the disbelief

Exhausted from obligations

Feeling constricted and

Need to release disillusions

That seem to over take me

Scared to admit I’m a coward

To start over

Scared to admit the pain

I consciously and unconsciously

Put you through

My heart hits the pillow

I close my eyes and I know

Love grows where your

Heart is planted

How long have I known

I’ll never know

How much time do I have

Scared to grow

It hurts here

That is all I know

Separation of my ego

Is ripping flesh from bone

Family with good intentions

But the wrong advice

Family with Ill intent

Feel like a knife

Sulk in disbelief

This is me

Yet it isn’t

My thoughts are not me

Need to leave

Need to actually breathe

No running to hide in others

Face this coward who

Acts out of regret

Look at these pills

And know they make me less

I push the truth away

To stay here one more night

I mourn the home I am living in

How many houses I can’t comprehend

I wake up and there you are to greet me

Have you answered your heart yet

I wish time was on our side

But that just isn’t what we signed up for

You wrote the map

I followed

Collaboration coming into a full

Perspective I can’t let you go

You are a love that subconsciously grows

A rose bush I have watered and cut down

Burying your leaves I tried to push away

And drown in the company of others

They were never you

Took your flaws and distorted who I

Know is so true

Painfully true

I rest my head on you

Wonder if you’ll be kind

If I try one more time

I found my heartbeat

It beats for you

Love grows where your

Heart is planted

Shouldn’t deny this

But I do

I hope I make it in time

I hope you make it in time



Full Moon in Gemini ( Devil/Angel)


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