Cosmic Instructions

You can stand in-front Of the mirror And realize you don’t Know who you are But I know I know the truth I see your soul Crying out To be true To your self Be true to What you came Here for Lay there at night And stare at the ceiling As I do Wondering... Continue Reading →

Submissive Fate

Every little thing Is breaking down Standing Infront Of my self created dam The cracks begin To break The water pushing Through What more am I to do I’ve stood here forever Putting my fingers in All the holes that Sprung a leak What am I to do With the blood on My hands I’m... Continue Reading →

Astral Transmissions

When the times Get too thick Don’t forget me When you’re sick Lay me on your chest Let me breathe your relief I cannot go away from you As you can never leave me to When the air gets too thick to breathe Know I send you your relief There is no frequency I cannot... Continue Reading →

I Am Dead

That’s the trick I’ve found to Present My human findings To the world I’ve pondered for too Long what am I actually Supposed to leave the world Shall I drop breadcrumbs For future souls Or breadcrumbs To find myself again I Am dead I’m emaciated inside Channeling the addiction That you choose in your life... Continue Reading →

50 First Dates

How far would I Go to bring you back How many times have I Met you and fell Back in the love That only makes sense When we’re on the same Frequency How many times Have you forgotten me Shoved me away Like I just can’t be true I’m watching 50 first dates And I’m... Continue Reading →


I feel like I’m detoxing Is this actually you Have you come to the Realization that you Is killing you My mind gets blurry And ashamed reigns Over my heart When I used to think Of you I remember It didn’t break my heart Sometimes I can smile When the energy comes Back to me... Continue Reading →

Free Will

How does she Hold so much space in her chest for All these seeds They haven’t fully Sprouted in parts Of her garden Others almost Like Jack the bean Stalk so tall Ready to climb Up and fly Before she falls How does she hold Me in her chest It isn’t easy She told me... Continue Reading →

A Poem Left Unfinished

So impressed But so depressed Walking around Heart blocked on chest Spiraling thoughts I think I’m less I cannot reach What I can’t confess Let me sit down And settle this mess I’m right here Don’t look at the ground My arms around you Singing so loud Erasing the pain Removing the stain Forgiving the... Continue Reading →


When it comes to you There is something Inevitable about you Coming in and running out You always catch yourself And turn around I understand more So I let you in You could hurt me But I’m sure I’ll live Again to tell the tale Unconditional means Inevitable in the end I wonder what you... Continue Reading →

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