Matrix Twin

Each string Holds up a part of you . . Each string a condition Taking you away From you . . Away from me Here,Break these You find yourself At God’s knees Thinking of laying between me . . These strings Hold you up Do you feel so tall Scared to fall “Look at this... Continue Reading →

Purest Intent

I’m looking down At my hands I lived a life In others Misunderstandings Of me I tried to please Submit to conformity I look back at old Pictures before I woke up I looked fake Not myself Tucked in a shirt But was called out I could never fit in I was meant to stand... Continue Reading →


As much as I Mourn this loss with you I see clearly I cannot Do conditions with you Can’t wake up And check if you still Love me as much as I love you Can’t take up your free time When I know you need to grow The human in me is in agony Letting... Continue Reading →

Eye for an eye in us all

I’d love to eye for an eye Everyone That fucked me up But I don’t have a bag big enough To carry all those hearts . . Gotta let it go . Even though Condemning Feels so good So fucking powerful . It’s easy to be mean Easy to feel my role Is the reaction... Continue Reading →

Casualty of Karma

Call me an Innocent bystander But know I am Your casualty of war . . When you find yourself Asking how you could Twist and turn us into This way Let me go I am just a casualty of war . . I have nothing to prove Nothing to give I bear no fruit For... Continue Reading →

Sing to Me

Tell me I don’t effect you I need your truth . . Show me consistently It isn’t me who Should stand in this spot . . Look at me with lust But love ; you cannot Keep repeating mine But the contact is less Than none . . Tell me the truth Tell me this... Continue Reading →

Fire Awareness

Does fire know what it does to others? Does it crave to be held like I do? Do I act like fire and wish to be calm As the water continues flowing along? . Are you fire? Did you know you Would burn me When I was just trying to be nice? Here for you... Continue Reading →

Corpus Callosum

Peek a boo I see you Hiding between The hemispheres Of your brain Did you forget This is my domain ? E-motion Energy Frequencies All you ; all me . . I don’t believe you Are hiding from me But I do believe you Need a message from me So read this real quick Then... Continue Reading →


I have to go Away from those Who feed me Breadcrumbs You promise a feast And when I show Breadcrumbs scatter The floor . . Am I to pick these up? Is this what you’ve invited me to? Left me with ? How am I to comprehend This bullshit I see You living in ?... Continue Reading →

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