Return to Sender —

I’m thinking I’m thinking I’m thinking again Where would I be If this thought hadn’t led I’m thinking I’m thinking I’m thinking again Where would I be I thought I was dead I lay here I lay here I wish you were here Who would I be Without you plus me I’m thinking I’m thinking... Continue Reading →

You are no longer yours ——-

I guess I should Tell you it’s okay Standing and staring At such disarray What a mess you’ve made Can’t come and scold a child Your victim mindset it too much for me Your badge of honor tainting your blood A glass house built from mud . . What a miracle this is To be... Continue Reading →

Aquarian Water Bearer

Aching for the sound of your steps in the forest This is our home Music always playing This is where I roam Aching to find the lotus Waiting Is it stuck in the mud Surrendering over and over I could transmute the pain But I want to carry it with me I need to know... Continue Reading →


Hearing his hand Hit the guitar to Keep the beat Takes me back How did I get so Far away from my home No lyrics collaborate But words dance All around me Maybe I’m supposed To write and your Supposed to play Maybe I’m supposed To sing softly While you close your Eyes in a... Continue Reading →

Paradigm Shift

I’m falling upwards What more can I say The courage these moves Take make me look like disarray . . I’m falling upwards What more do you need To believe My mind is different now I’m not the version of me In your head Rather be dead to you Then be that fool again .... Continue Reading →

Same Soul Different Karma

Confessing seems To be a breeze these days No emotions to restrict These blocks that have Paved the way of the Person I am today So many versions of me Led me here Not all honorable Not all kind Most the versions I’ve apologized to Thought they were losing Their mind What a soul to... Continue Reading →

Music is a love language

This has been My truth all along Hear the guitar strum And the drumbeat flow me along Here I stand seeing Every guitarist I possibly can Piece by piece my soul I can surely mend How I’ve missed you music So sweet of you to let me come back I’ve been away from home for... Continue Reading →

I’ll try not to die

You approach me in a crowd I’m a child again as you Stand behind me I can feel your presence Wrap around me I was so scared Wasn’t ready to look Into your eyes So unworthy of who you are Such a good boy I never wanted You to fall Let this lifetime Sink in... Continue Reading →

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