I’ll Meet You In The Dark

And so the


Has found me

Settled in my chest

You come alive in me

Dissipate as the doubt

Sets in — too much


Blame our lonely fears

I believe this time

Is The End

Inevitable it seems

To keep this

Red string tied to me

Look at it

I see you

I see me

I’m sorry

I didn’t stay

Your voice

Feels like home

I cannot deny

It anymore

There have been

Years that I have

Pushed these

Truths away

Rolled my eyes

And walked

The other way

There you appear

In every direction

A ghost of my truth

Leading me right

Back to you

How can I come home

I am so stubborn

Yet feel so alone

Would you be as

Kind as I fantasize

Laughing on the couch

Till I come and kiss you

Your face so surprised

I know what happens

When I touch your lips

I know what happens

When I caress your skin

Your breath gives you away

I know it’s inevitable

That I am yours anyway

Smash the karma

That tries to justify

We should stay separate

Kill the lies that

Have kept our voices


When you’re ready

To confess

I’ll meet you in the dark

Sit beside you

And close my eyes

We catch our breath

Let the guides

Tell us it was

supposed to be

Like this

It’s inevitable

Can’t you see

Come over

Here and

Put your energy

Inside me

Roll around

I have no choice

But to surrender

To you


I’ve been waiting

To finish this truth




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