50 First Dates

How far would I

Go to bring you back

How many times have I

Met you and fell

Back in the love

That only makes sense

When we’re on the same


How many times

Have you forgotten me

Shoved me away

Like I just can’t be true

I’m watching 50 first dates

And I’m thinking of you

Wondering how many

Times I was brought back

To you

And you back to me

How many times

Over the years

Have I had to re-meet you

And still every-time

I just want to

wrap my arms

Around you

Tell you how proud

I am of you

I wish I could

Give your left brain

A scientific explanation

For why I have always felt

This way

It was down inside me too

But the feminine in the story

Has a role to play too

I tried to forget you

Don’t feel so bad

I denied you once or twice

Too it made my soul so sad

I know now no matter

What I do

You are inside me

And I am apart of you

I am already with you

Up above

If I never see you

Again know your

Armor is my love

I’ll never let them hurt you

I’ll keep you safe until

The End

When your times comes

I’ll be right there to get

You my oldest dearest friend




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