Infinity Rescue

I’m in the fire

I wish I could call

I feel like I’m in quick sand

Please help

come pull

If you can’t come in person

Throw a rope and pull

I’ll throw one towards you

Infinity sign through the

United States lines

I’m in the fire

I wish you would call

Tell me the thoughts are true

All these things you are hiding

Are actually being sent to me

This compulsive heartbeat

You leave me with

What do you want me to do with this

Are you somewhere you belong

Nobody’s Listening here

I don’t want to sing how

“I’ve become so numb”

I don’t want to be wrapped up

In armor again

I’m doing muscle tests

To keep me true within

I’m in the fire

With this sight I have

Truths keep coming

Bridges don’t always mend

Surrendering is my best pal now

7:52 pm

July 6th 2022


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