Same Soul Different Karma

Confessing seems

To be a breeze these days

No emotions to restrict

These blocks that have

Paved the way of the

Person I am today

So many versions of me

Led me here

Not all honorable

Not all kind

Most the versions

I’ve apologized to

Thought they were losing

Their mind

What a soul to divide

Same soul different karma

This is the phrase they tell me



There are suitcases of karma

that Lay on a highway

Behind you

Medicine women told

Me you weren’t okay

Told me to call

Even if it kills my soul

If he doesn’t remember

Then this will break

Through the stone

I often wonder what

Vices keep you so low

What trauma binds

Are you sacrificing

My soul in

Your karma atleast I can


Compassion is all I have

Found to send

Don’t think one sad thought

Of me not worth it when

Your mind is free



Isn’t this what you wanted

I wouldn’t know

I haven’t been around

Thought an Aquarius you were

But Gemini is what I receive

Compassion is all I can feel to send

Hold space they say

You already carved out that place

So long ago



You might be my first memory

Making a Maraca with rocks at a show

How old was I when I started to love you

Was it really as young as some kids do

Sweet home Alabama standing on the shore

She stubbornly says

“Why you wanna marry me anyway”

The boy replies

“So I can kiss you whenever I want”

Looked for that moment forever

Thought it was supposed to be you

Such a tall man so bright — so true

What a musical man to sing me a tune



The knowing I have never really hurt

That bad — want to ground it instead

No time to be sad — I have life worth

Living — I know you aren’t dead

My chest keeps on pumping

In the beat most familiar to my sane



I am worldly sick

Are you

My friends and family

Sometimes feel like fire

I know how they feel

What they desire

I see blocks in so many

Playing jenga isn’t really

why I was hired

Just kidding we

volunteered for this

You believe that shit ?!

No wonder I’m like

Fuck this —- I’m tired



I have spent a decade being

Pulled to many things to read about

Twin flames has to be the best

Terminology I tried to doubt

I confess I was looking for an antidote

Turns out when you bit me that was my soul

So many times I came to be crushed by you

Take this love you left me with

I’m unworthy of it and you

You deserve someone better than

Someone who wants to die

you were always so kind and true

My authentic self loves me with you

My other side cuts and runs

I don’t think you ever notice when I leave

I do it super super slow

Don’t want you to think it’s you

You are so perfect to me

Even in your new clothes

You could be the king of the world and

I’d admire you just as much as I admire

The street band singing the blues

Find the guitarist whose heart is broken

No one more beautiful than that divide

I guess you could sit with a bottle of Jack

Like old times — spin and spin

So divine —



If we are the same soul

Does that mean it’s been your

Higher self here the whole time

That shadowy figure telling me

Unconditional love is what I shall find

I release all expectations

If this is what I signed up for

Then let it flow

Not sure what you’ve done

But I’ll always love you

Even the shadow side

Can’t imagine you being

Worse then me but that’s why

I believe it’s easy now to comprehend

Same soul different karma

Same love no matter how we falter

Same same when this plane ends

Same same when our heart mends




December 2nd 2021

8:38 pm

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