Fire Awareness

Does fire know what it does to others? Does it crave to be held like I do? Do I act like fire and wish to be calm As the water continues flowing along? . Are you fire? Did you know you Would burn me When I was just trying to be nice? Here for you... Continue Reading →

Hemi – Sync

I talk to you A lot in my head Yet I know I shouldn’t Pick up my phone . If I get brave enough to Look at your name I shut myself down I can’t have a moment Like that again You don’t need me to crack Your skull open And show you The truth... Continue Reading →

Channeling with Strangers

Spoke with a psychic Lastnight She reached out to me Told me spirit wouldn’t Let her be Told me you Are all around me If I could see this energy What would the colours be? . . . Spoke with a psychic Lastnight She told me everything Wasn’t alright Hot and cold This game gets... Continue Reading →

Be-You-Tiful You-Niverse

Well would you Look at that It was in us all along This is my life Our plane My soul Lessons games No “better than “here” Where are we anyway? Floating in space Not even a base Just rotating Slowly fading . . Ever think of why words Are s-p-e-l-l-e-d 🧙🏻‍♀️ Manifested one letter at... Continue Reading →

I was thinking 🌗

Hey I was thinking Of leaving you Can’t do it anymore I had so much fun With you lastnight But I saw who you were Can’t look past these Blocks you choose . . . Hey I was thinking Of leaving you Makes me sad Thought we were close . . . I had so... Continue Reading →

Wake Up

Evil doesn’t hide in the dark anymore. Evil hides right Infront of us Counting on us to believe It would never come out of the shadows But it has been here Infront of all of us For so long Wake up World

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