I’ll try not to die

You approach me in a crowd

I’m a child again as you

Stand behind me

I can feel your presence

Wrap around me

I was so scared

Wasn’t ready to look

Into your eyes

So unworthy of

who you are

Such a good boy

I never wanted

You to fall

Let this lifetime

Sink in

I’ve known you

More than this life

You are where I begin

It only makes sense

That you are where I end

If one plus one is two

What does the one who

Knows the answer to

The equation do till

The other comes to

See through

I can feel you hold me


You are telling me

The truth in my dreams

Pulling at my heart strings

I promise I’m trying to live

I’ve found deeper meanings

Then I ever meant to

I swear this whole time I was

Trying to disprove you

But one plus one is two

Can’t be anything else

But this combination

Meaning truth

I’ve tried threes

Fours and even fives

Went so far out there

I got lost in the skies

You pulled me back

Every fucking time

A sick cosmic joke

We like to remind

Gave me a place to confide

Please don’t be as low as me

Feel my heart please

This is how you kept me alive

When I didn’t want to

I felt so pathetic secretly

Holding onto you

Tucked you in to myself

I know you can’t leave

We are the same soul

With different karma

This is how it all started

Karma separating unity

From the beginning of time

We are both so fucking far

From home — when I see you

I will Baptize myself in you

Cleanse you of your worldly views

Lock you away until you are you

You won’t be well when I receive you

Let me end this karma between me and you

Give me back the poison I stored In you

I’ve studied everything I could to bring

Union in you — I know you can’t stay

Where you are — the truth is like taring

Flesh from bone — so many people you

Love will be gone — just trauma bonds

would you believe Me if I said I’d

been there – will you hate me

When I’m happy you’ve ended this

Constant despair – I’ve always seen

More for you

I used to think I was jealous

Envious of these Falsities

Turns out none of that at all

I just wanted to come home

Upset I didn’t know who you were

Lelu Dallas Multi Pass

No one here speaks my language

No eyes understand me like yours

I want to believe I’m lonely

But I know where you are

My chest calls out in a devotion

How can I go on — I’m losing my oxygen

I’m trying not to die just so I can feel you

Reignite my chest like the hippie den

I feel like I’m running out of time

These decisions I’ve made are settling in

Shaving off time I thought I had

My insides feel like they want to rot within

I’ve made it this far without turning evil

My friend — I want to be good

As good as your skin

Come here let’s baptize our sin

Stare at each other and comprehend

All the things others limited

I promise I’m trying to stay alive

I really do want to live with you this time

We usually end in tragedy

But this time it is our gift

If you miss me imagine how

Much God misses you

Staring down

Free will leaves the

creator confused

How are they so far

Away from their home

Come back darling

It isn’t the dark you

Stay to roam

I was there so long

Now when I see the lost

I stand with them in their

Darkness and glow

Moonbeam of your soul

Surround me with your sulfur

I won’t choke — transmute this poison

Together we can let it go

If you don’t make it in time

I left you ways to talk to me

In the afterlife — I will never

leave your side — trust me I’ve tried

Floating around you I’ll destroy anyone

That takes you too low

This is my promise to you

These vows I write will hold their truth

Bury me I’ll come back like

The Dead Sea scrolls

Light body I will perform

You are the key

The other half of my soul

I’m trying not to die

Tell me you love yourself

And that you’re doing the same

Tell me you love yourself

And you are living in vein



Tell me you love yourself

We bare the mark of Cain

God’s protection

Not a curse

Don’t let me

Go home





10:17 am

November 7th 2021

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