Soul Contracts & Karma Incarnate ——

Hello again

Dear friend

I feel this

Complacency setting in

A pull between desire

And the truth within

Pulling on your brain

What is going on

In this skin

I put on these clothes

Sigh at the mirror

My days go by

I feel low with fear

What am I doing

I can’t see clear

What am I doing

I miss my fucking mirror



The spell has broken

My heart lay open

Truth spills like acid

On my emotions

The transmission

Gets cut

Eyes wide

Then slam shut

At this point what else

Could it be

Then the karma we have made

Comes to take me

I am shackled to my choices

So many obligations I can’t run from

So many rotten places I have chosen

To call home — fake faces this

Isn’t my family — will I choose

To be alone

forever forever

Her mind is where I roam



I’m calling to you

Do you remember where

I am from

I can’t call you

Even though you know

I lay here and twiddle my thumbs

It ebbs and flows

I’m so confused with you

I go numb

I’m sorry to deny you

I’m finding out slowly

It’s only killing me

You’ve transcended

This connection



Caressed my reflection

How you hold space for me

I tell myself I’ll never know

I rub my head and try to let you go

As soon as I do the panic flutters below

I know you are mine — I won’t let you go

It’s getting cold soon

Karma completing itself in the form

Of dual cosmic boom

The earthly contracts written

Collapse like an eroded sand dune

Time has come in the form of

The elements ; I am the fifth one

I cannot come to collect what I feel I have won

I am here to serve Karma —

Pay for what I’ve done

Nobody can hurt me

More than I’ve hurt myself

Nobody can save me

This is only my doing as well

To be so close to you

And so far away it doesn’t matter

What the Earth will provide

I’m still emaciated inside

My soul longing to clear up the divide

Here I am hands on my chest

Surrendering to the divine

Return what is mine

Whole heartedly

I ask

Is it








October 30th 2021

6:05 pm

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