Purest Intent

I’m looking down

At my hands

I lived a life

In others


Of me

I tried to please

Submit to conformity

I look back at old

Pictures before

I woke up

I looked fake

Not myself

Tucked in a shirt

But was called out

I could never fit in

I was meant to stand out

Break the mold

There is no box here

Just in your head



I’m looking at my hands

How long have I realized

I was living on someone

Else’s agenda ?

How long have I hid

From my soul ?

I hear you in my head

See you when I feel

Almost dead

I long to connect

Me with me

Isn’t it funny

How bad I wanna

Come and breathe

With myself



I’m used to reading

Your minds intentions

I do it all the time

Person by person

My senses cross the line

I’m a mirror for you

To exercise your truth

Get inside your mind

Get too scared and hide

Wake up realize your

Consciousness is mine



Remembering real is rare

I’m so glad I have you

To call mine

Mind body spirit

This is me

Continue on this

Contracted mess

Life will clear it’s distress

Calls will come to me

Will I answer or will

I let myself bleed



In the end

It’s all in me

Don’t have a care

To be understood

I know what I am

I know what you are too

Cosmic rebellion

Purest of intention

Followed by a timed




Let’s move on from

This plane

Cherry waves

Let’s tessellate




10:36 PM

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