It felt Right 

I get asked a lot how I just up and moved from home without a notice or a second thought. 

How I was able to turn my life upside down in a matter of days to weeks and situate myself comfortably 5 months later like this had been my home all along. 

The answer. 

It felt right. 

Over the past few years exploring the world and surrounding counties of my homestead I’ve been offered several times to move to various states or cities. It never felt right. Something was off with the landing gear so to speak. I didn’t like the idea of where I’d be starting or even what was to  surround me didn’t pull me enough in the direction I was offered. 

I was 90 miles from Cuba almost to Key West when my phone rang and my favorite soul was on the other end. We talked for hours and amoung the conversations he told me ” it never mattered how close I stayed to home; I always left to explore then came back. That’s better than moving to another city and having that be the only thing you explore.” My stomach got the butterflies for my fever of wanderlust once again. I knew just by that conversation my life was going to change rapidly when I hit the Illinois line. I felt it the whole ride home. 

When KC came calling it was a moment I was not prepared for but hit like a freightrain when I realized it was very possible and very soon coming. I remember I was going up into a headstand to clear my mind and just let everything go for a few minutes when golly gee the idea came to me and I fell over saying” yes!” as I did it. 

Thankfully I was home by myself as to not expose the epiphany of ideas that had just rang into my mind. I let it simmer in me for a couple days and in the mean time let life do it’s thing. I had friends just move to KC and they were coming to take me to lunch days after my “fallout idea.” 

With optimism in hand we drove off to lunch and before I could finish my appetizer they told me how I need to move to KC…


As in we can pack the car right now and be there in 3 1/2 hours. We will come back at the end of the month for everything else. “You have to come,” they said. I knew my roommates and my family would need more time to process this then I would so I did the right thing and told the KC bandwagon to give me some time and let everyone in on these life changing ideas. 

When I mean give them some time I mean: friends came on a Sunday; by Tuesday my family knew ; by Thursday my roommates knew and by Saturday I was driving to KC for an extended stay and a job interview that could put me right to work by that following Tuesday. It all happened so fast I didn’t even have time to kiss my dog goodbye before I was gone for 2 weeks wondering what I was getting myself into. I left without saying goodbye to a lot of people in the beginning… Leaving;no explanation just “hey I gotta go!” 

As I sat on my friends couch watching their two year old play on the floor I realized this apartment with these two friends I love dearly and a baby I’ve known since she was in her mamas belly would be my new home until I figured out how to get an apartment. That could be months! Oh let’s not forget the 3 story house I had to move out of in 3 weeks 4 hours away and store everything that belongs to me for 3-6 months “somewhere safe” so when I figure it out I’ll still have stuff to decorate with! 

My head started to spin. I questioned if I was doing the right thing! Should I go back?! Should I stay?! Every question a person could ask themselves… I did. 

Finally… It was night time and my thoughts were tiring out and I was enjoying the moments of silence on the deck. I looked up at the opening in the sky and just saw the stars. I looked at them as if I’d never seen these constilations before. The air smelt as fresh as the pine tree growing next to me. The sounds weren’t of familiarity to me. It was in those moments of the fresh night sky and the tamed breeze of the new;that I was right where I needed to be. I needed to look around and not recodnize anything. I needed to look up and know I’d never seen the sky from this angle. It was to date one of the best realizations of life I’ve had. 

I pointed up to the sky and said “Lord here I am; it feels right to be here; if it’s not meant to be; let me know.” 

I poured one out for the homies off the top floor of an apartment building after my talk with the Lord. I felt the ending of my prayer should be a shout out to the ones who brought me here; pushed me here ; and kept me here. 

I am rounding the corner to 6 months living in KC. I held up my friends couch the first 3 months. As soon as my apartment was available my parents loaded a trailer with my life in it and hauled it to my new home. 

For my parents it felt like the moment you take your kid to college and drop them off. Except for them it was harder because they knew I wouldn’t visit home as often and this will be the closest I will ever live to home again. 

Coming here has expanded my mind even wider to the possibilities the world has to offer. I know next time I will toss a lot more things in the dump instead of feeling so attached to my belongings. I know as long as I can remember I’ve trusted my gut and it’s never steered me wrong. I’m so thankful to have the support system I do even though their miles away. I wake up everyday feeling there is a new adventure at my feet; as I turn off to another exit sign Siri tells me to do I smile brightly knowing I’ve fully embraced the unknown and made it my own. It just keeps feeling right. 

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