Corpus Callosum

Peek a boo

I see you

Hiding between

The hemispheres

Of your brain

Did you forget

This is my domain ?




All you ; all me



I don’t believe you

Are hiding from me

But I do believe you

Need a message from me

So read this real quick

Then hide me away

Like you need to

At least in this timeline

You felt honorable

Called to jump back to



I know your studies

Have paused

The hunger for

Knowledge has paused

You tried to cut cords

& run — don’t blame you at all

But what you failed to see

Is your karma isn’t done



I can’t help but see

This karma end with a Son



But wasn’t it nice to

See yourself again?

Wasn’t it nice to remember

It is you who misses you within ?

Imagine how sad your soul is

When you pull away from him



I dare you

Picture yourself as him

Can you even face these truths ?

Don’t worry I nurture him

Get your head out of your hands



Do you know you are standing

In the middle of your brain?

Let me translate it so it’s not

So mystical & I don’t make you

Feel insane



It’s the corpus callosum

At the bottom of your brain

You are standing there

Putting pressure on both sides

Thinking you are in a divide of your life

Maybe you are

But you are thinking all wrong

Spinning and spinning of all

The words that don’t need to be drawn

Pick a card

Tell me what is yours

I’m waiting for the emperor

To show himself — expose



You know you have free will

You can stand here as long as you want

Putting pressure on yourself

In a self created hell

But my dear look down at your feet

Do you even like your shoes ?

Do you see the pressure you put

On yourself over so many things

You know you need to lose ?



A stream of thoughts coming on the left

Cannot connect to the right

When you are standing in the way

You can’t tuck yourself between

Your brain and tell yourself

That “I am okay”



Please stop feeling guilty

Over ghosting me

It’s what you’ve always done

I don’t need to forgive you

No damage has been done

The door was closing I felt

It when you tucked and run

Slid you a book before

the cavern door lock spun



I can’t wait for you to

Read this far

Can’t wait for you

To call and say

“Fuck you Cheyenne”

Laughing hysterically

Because this is so dumb

For now whisper it

Under your breath

Roll your head back

Exhaling frantically

“God what do I do!”

Keep in mind according

to science

Your brain doesn’t mature until

You are at-least 35




Please only think of me

In happiness & in love

Use me to be the muse in you

Transmute —

Unconditional Love




I’m always proud of you

No matter what you do

Where you go

My spirit is waving at you

Ebb and fucking flow


Let go


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