Loneliness Has A Purpose

I’ve come to find

No distraction around

To hinder my progress within

Wether I have started or just began

I am feeling the pull from

My old soul again

The loneliness isn’t me

I’m not missing anything

The loneliness is my soul

Yelling to try and get to me

Tugging and tugging

On these falsities I’ve portrayed as me

I am not breaking again

Just slipping out of this

Imposters skin

I have to crack away the layers

That are not true

Don’t really need an audience

For the unbinding of myself

I need to hide away and face myself

I am a stranger to so many

And I am fine with that

But my heart is aching that

I am a stranger to my own muse

I feel her tugging

I could never let go

Opening up is sure to be a blow

I am sitting with my insides

Trying so hard to stay connected

To the light

Trying not to lose opportunity

While trying to not lose myself

Trying to dig in deeper

Than the last few trips I did

Loneliness has a purpose

Even though it feels like a dreadful mess

I know it has a purpose

I must dive down and find myself

It’s there the truth on me is encased

My rose under glass

Never to wilt away

Loneliness has a purpose

To remind myself of me

Don’t forget me

Don’t forget me

Don’t forget me

2:28 pm

June 26th 2022


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