Hearing his hand

Hit the guitar to

Keep the beat

Takes me back

How did I get so

Far away from

my home

No lyrics collaborate

But words dance

All around me

Maybe I’m supposed

To write and your

Supposed to play

Maybe I’m supposed

To sing softly

While you close your

Eyes in a daze

Where do you go

When you strum

Those notes

I’ve always wanted

You to take me with you

Years go by

And I’ve never known

Where you go

Some forgotten color

I don’t know why

Does it hurt that much

To love me you must forget

I remember shoving you down

What an endless abyss

To say there is nothing here

Yet it won’t disappear

If a shaman could save me

I’d pay them in gold

Tell them I’m sorry

But I want to go home

It’s too lonely here

No one is as nice

As I thought they were

Unconditional must win

This world is so sick within

Piece by piece the puzzle will thin



Have you ever wondered

Why you’re even here

The material world is meaningless

A distraction of the masses

Can’t take anything when you go

So why you taking things

That make you stay so low

Away from you is away from me

Karma comes around but it

Doesn’t mean dismay

Who knows what is good or bad

Look what has led us to this age

Who knows what’s good or bad

Please don’t be so sad

One of these days

Is none of these days

Can’t help but smile

Thinking of going home

For now I enjoy this temporary skin

Love myself divinely within

Unify the sickness I am living in

Forgive myself for what I let them do

Forgive myself for what I put her through

It wasn’t fair to me especially you

Forgive myself till I find my truth

Forgive myself till I don’t cry anymore

I was so close to working for the dark

Full time — didn’t realize what I was

Giving up — surrounded by people

Who didn’t want me to grow

How long you gonna let these vampires

Suck on your neck

Feeling so needed — all I see is my

Favorite man defeated —

Some forgotten color

Some forgotten lover

Do you feel the shift

Or are your eyes too cloudy

Energy keeps coming to me

Telling on you

I can feel when you

Push me out of your mind

It hits me like a freight train

Double down — call me a pair of two’s

I told you I swear I’m trying to

Live this time — what more can I do

But be true — what more can you do

Then push on through

Feel it to heal it — I am repeatedly told

Some forgotten color

Radiating so bold

Leave me out here

I won’t get cold

Some forgotten color

This is my truth

To hold


November 8th 2021

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