There is a man in my head. 

He refuses to detach from my memory

I refuse to detach from  him. 

This man holds sides of me

Confides in me. 

Supplies me with what I need to get through the night when my mind idles on the vision of something so pure. 

I can’t look away from him. 

He is stuck in my head. 




Call him my synopsis 

He is my thought process 

My lockness. 
A ghostly reminder 

Another bind to her 

My Caspered innocence (in-no-sense) 

It makes no sense. 

To me there is something so deep and beautifully tortured about a love gone bye. I have loved and never stopped loving. Burnt infront of his eyes and healed like a timed surprise. The man in reference should be men… There is more than one that lay on my conscience;each playing a role in my life then disapating over time like dust in the wind.

Each one dances in my mind as a reference point of parts of the past. A thank you reigns from my heart for their time.that familiar chyme. Their memories etched into my heart; hands crossed ;waiting for a bless. 

 Yet the times are so far away they are fabled as my lockness. 

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