Some Truth

I think all I ever

Wanted was a true friend

Someone who saw who

I was till the end

Someone that I trusted to

Step in

Someone I was safe with

To rest my head

I think I always

wanted an

Old friend

Someone who could

Sense my discomfort

And knew where it

Stemmed from

Knew how to comfort

my alone

Someone who knew

With them is right

Where I belonged

All I really needed

Was someone to see

Who I actually was

Not the mask I wear

That I made fit

Like a glove

Someone sent to me

Made and gifted from

Up above

This circles in my head

Over and over

Grab my hand

Safe to be led

I want to be known

By just one

Bury myself into his chest

And breathe but also

Have some fun

Look into his eyes

Like I look up at the skies

A smirk that gives all

My feelings away

No reason to worry

Loyalty was easy

We had figured it out

No one else was meant for us

I can’t see anyone but him

He sees the same

A friend I don’t have to

Explain everything I am

Over and over

Then hear some condescending

Word topple me over

I’ve been on this floor

Too many times

I should’ve turned

dark by now

Relapsed and hit my

head on the ground

No such luck

I love love too much

I love to smile as I

Give thanks for my time too much

I love sitting and breathing too much

I love the visions my future sends me

Way too much to give up

But if I continue to write as

I’ve passed on then

I have to share these truths

I think all I ever wanted was

The authentic version of me and you

The one the world didn’t get to

The one the words of family

Didn’t slither in and rape our truth

Maybe all I ever wanted was a true friend

Maybe all I ever wanted was to define

This truth that beats in my heart

And repeats in my head

Every time your name comes to mind

No matter how much you change

Your voice matches the places you stayed

The poison of your life takes you away

I still remember your name

Mines changed

But yours got to stay the same

I’ve changed

Died and died and died again

Came back to do it right this time

One day a friend will be by my side

Someone I can trust to let myself inside

Someone I can trust to lay in the night




One day


July 25th 2022

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