if i’m ever to see You

This thing I’m

Reaching for

An energy that pulls me

Captivates me in every step

I can’t turn away from

This calling

I feel it in my soul

Where do I go when

I’m walking in the light

How is my armor so pure

In this reckless delight

I keep searching for more

I’ve checked so many

Things off my bucket list

Still so many to fit in

I want to go all the way

To eternity to find everything

I am looking for

I can commit to evolving

But living a nine inch nails song

Isn’t my plan

I found her again

Can’t believe I lost her

My only friend

I got her back

Never gonna give her

Away again

Now it’s up to us

Mind body spirit

This can’t be a bust

I know how it feels

To feel lost

Crawl in the dark

Feeling cut off

Mundane rotating forever

You’ve got cycles to break

Meditations to take

Music to make

Karma to shake

Maybe I’m leaving breadcrumbs

Don’t want you to ever be alone

What if you woke up first

And weren’t there to greet me

When I came to the truth

I could never hurt you like that

I’ve been waiting too long

To unify you and me with a song

I’ve been searching for me

Hoping I’d find you — my one and only

Divine truth — cosmic collision of

My obsessions come true

Collide with me

We will make a new world

If I’m ever to see you

Just know I’ve been trying

To find you this whole time

Took the long road so I

Knew for sure to get it right

This time — can’t let you be there

For my karma show — life is fast

Can’t settle down and reminisce

Give me some years let this time pass

Karma clears and look back on years

Laugh and joke of each others mirrors

In the end find yourself buried in the gifted skin

You feel pulled apart and put back together again

I’m floating as I write this

Maybe it’s the song on repeat

In my head

I’ll go to the end of time

Beginning of the universe

And search the multiverse

To find this truth

I hear it in the frequency

Of all the shows I go to

Every note

Every beat

Transcends me closer

To that place

Light body I am ready to face

I’ve been searching so long

For what’s mine — can’t wait

To go home — it’s getting

Easier to feel so alone

Sway in my zone

Let me and music please be alone

Take over me send me home

Wrap my heart up heal me whole

Take my soul up higher than before

Take me away I wanna go home



10:53 pm


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