Who is they anyway

They tell me

That I’m not enough

Stole that from a song

I know

Multitasking my brain

Living in a daze with you

coming up but with

A little refuse

I’m pulled to you

Sleep has escaped me

To fill a void

You left me

I lay here

Watching you

On the back of my eyelids

This isn’t fair

That you feel so low

I close my eyes

And truly can’t let go

Repeat the same mantra

But in the end I’ll

Still taunt ya

I break into


Is that you ?

Do you need me

To finally breath

For you ?

How’s the noose feel ?

How’s the string hang ?

Last one thinning huh?

Tired of hanging yourself ?

I’d hang here all day with you

Poor thing

This isn’t your domain

You’ve been shrunk

Into her little play thing

This lion is fed

No one here

wants you dead

Come over here

I’ll point you back

To the path

So misled

Show me a choice

I’ll show you more


Show me your fears

I’ll graciously

Hand you over

My tears

This is nothing

This is everything

This is nothing

This is everything.











Come to me

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