50 Days

Speak to me in only desire

Just for tonight

When the light peers

Between the blinds

Close the door to

What you truly hide

Mourning is not here yet

So we have much time to connect

Don’t waste time being

Insecure about your caress

When your hands touch me

I am alive

I am you

You are me

Rocking like an ocean

Crashing against the rocks

To pull back out into

The depths of yourself again

Hold it up

Hold it in

Cycle the serpent

Slithering within

Don’t give up

Hold your breath

The waves are coming

Before you know it

The sun will come crashing in

Move tonight like I am

Your ocean

Move tonight like I lay open

As a gift from your true words spoken

Speak to me only with desire

Forever we will flow with

The Eternal Fire



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