It’s okay to be gray

It’s okay

If it’s not

A good day

This pain is

Mine to dictate


You are not

My skin,

This heart,

This whim.

I am not here

To show you

How to fit in.

This grief

is mine

And mine


I will not

Let you


What you do

Not own.

It’s okay

That I am

Not okay

Please quit

Telling me

It’s not with

YOUR dismay

That is yours ,


This is my grief

But I am

Still alive.

I am here

To push on

Through ,

I choose to

Live with

& through you.



They all

Have our



In the end

I find it’s


Where we lack.

I ask kindly

Before you

Point your

Finger at me

To tell me

I am not okay

Please point

It back at


So I can

Come home

One day.

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