Eye for an eye in us all

I’d love to eye

for an eye


That fucked me up

But I don’t have a

bag big enough

To carry all those hearts



Gotta let it go


Even though


Feels so good

So fucking powerful


It’s easy to be mean

Easy to feel my role

Is the reaction

To your ignorant action


I’d love to eye

for an eye you

I’d love to give you

My feelings for a day


I’d watch and laugh

When you fell from

The hell you

put me through

I’d watch and laugh

Menacingly as I walk past


Just as you do


But that’s not me

I was tired of hurting

My loved ones

I was tired of ignoring

My pain pretending

If I shove it down

That it dissipates


I want to be good

I want to show you

Your ways

So we can all

Learn the lesson

and move on

With the correct




No need for guilt

Just learn the

Fucking lesson

I’m embarrassed

Of the things

I’ve done too

We all know

right from wrong

But I won’t stop

With just that


I need to know

Why you did

that to me?

If you can’t answer

Go find yourself

Then come tell me


4:04 pm

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