Commit to Evolving

What more

Could you




What conditions

Would you

Break to

Feel that

Way again



What karma

Would you









These obligations

These conditions

These lessons

These fears

This cowardly

Lion I am

Dressed up in



Oh the cosmos

Has a way

Of showing things

She should not see

Showing things

That should not be

True to her


True to me



What would

It take

To tell

Myself the




Who would it

Be to wake me

From this stup- id


I am faced to live



We talked like


Couldn’t help it

I swear

Told myself

To be on

My best behavior

In the end

I could’ve

Stayed with her




My ego destroyed it

Always does

Told myself long ago

Don’t touch that one

You won’t forgive

Yourself if you break her

Fantasize of taking her away

But in the end I always push away

She can only assume the worst

If she were blind

Only feel that she’d been cursed

When God asked her to tow the line



What more could

You want than

Someone who

Willingly translates

Your mind



What more could

You want than

What God grew

On your vine



It must be these

Conditions that

Replace the truth

It must be this


Of the wicked witch

Slammed by the roof



Never felt so trapped

And now I’m here

Hoping and wishing

I learn all my lessons here



What I would give

To come back to her



If only she knew the truth

I have no choice but

To send it up above

God if you are listening

I surrender all this love


God if you are there

I surrender to my love



7:38 pm


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