Visual Cues

It’s okay if you

Miss me

I miss you too

The world spins around

I still wonder if you

Remember we come

From a similar

Small town

Do you remember us

As just kids

Dreaming of the world

And wondering if our fears

Would hold us back

Dream-versations for years

The compilation of memories

Could bring me to tears

How does your heart

Stay in one piece ?

Do you still remember

Us being kids ?

Lost and timeless in our actions

Tossed and flightless into the fractions

It’s okay if you think of me

The Lord has a way of

Of reminding us

Letting go was a shame

But inside I cannot control

The haunting of

Your name

It’s etched into me

The way the Lord intended

It to be


I’ve learned a lot in

Your presence

And your silence

No matter the pain

I wish I recognized you

The last several years

I believe and pray

This separation clears

The Lord has a way

Of reminding me of you

He has a way of

Showing me

Your visual cues.

11:45 PM


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