As much as I

Mourn this loss with you

I see clearly I cannot

Do conditions with you

Can’t wake up

And check if you still

Love me as much as I love you

Can’t take up your free time

When I know you need to grow

The human in me is in agony

Letting go of this show

But conditions between us

I won’t let them flow

I am here

You are free to go

Can’t keep you here

Not my role



The human in me

Has been surrendering

Since you stopped back by

Reminded me of a voice

I buried long gone bye


You always do

Let you in

I always will

Here you lay again

In this hole I’ve

Been waiting to

Show you again

Come back when

We’re free

Come back when

I recognize you again

I wish it was you I

Could bury myself in


Death will come but

Remember it wasn’t meant to be

Friends forever

My love and respect will

Never let me be

A constant knocking

On the back of my skull

A constant heart string pull

You shine so bright

Never to wear dull




You will always inspire me

To find me

No matter how far you drift

The timelines I would have to sift

You are worth every single clip

I keep you in my mind

Forever in my gaze

I won’t hurt you

But I should probably go

I have no conditions for you

Can’t hold you accountable

For words you forget you speak

Can’t hold you in these arms

They lay graced and leak

All these answers to insecurities

I found myself holding for me

I have karma too

It isn’t all you

Thank you for being

My favorite ghost

You never really saw

How many times you lost me

How many times if you

Wanted to you couldn’t reach me

Maybe it’s for the best

There is no way you

Could handle if the roles

Were reversed

No way you’d let me

Stroll along as your

Friendly ghost

Scratching your head

When I told you I’d be there

Scratching your head

When the energy

Couldn’t feel clear

This is how I know it

Is all true

This ghostly presence

That pulls me through

Separation is an


The hardest lesson to face

Don’t waste my time

Feeling like I am replaced

You’re my inspiration

My favorite lesson

The sweetest melody

In a timeless progression

I hope when you read this

I’m still alive

I hope when you read this

I can still access your mind

Don’t let the world take you

Don’t let obligations rape you

I know you feel it in your bones

That there is more

You are right

Don’t abandon yourself

For someone else

Love yourself

Like I love you


We will pull on through

Someday we will laugh and smile

At all these hoops we jumped through

I’m sending you love till

These wishes come true

Nothing but love

For my Heaven on Earth

Nothing but love

For this gift given from above

When you look up at the sky

I am looking back at you

When you see the stars

That is my mind reading you

Feel your heart beat pull

That’s me ; transmute me

Into who you know

You should be

You can’t forget me

Quit trying

Don’t waste what God has given us

My human side can’t help but get sad

You are the greatest love I always have




August 18th 2021

6:20 pm

6:48 pm

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