Which Apple Do I Eat ?


I’ve said too much

Thought too much

Pulled too much from

The stream up above

These are all of our thoughts

I’m plucking these words

Like fruit from the vine

Sifting and sifting

Keep wondering what is mine

Is this the Apple of Eden

In my hand

Shall I take just one bite

And see where my soul

Can land

Is this the apple handed

From the hooded witch

Am I so kind

I’ll let my death be her wish

Maybe I’ve found out too much

This simulation is showing

Signs of bugs

It’s a Pearl Jam album

Keeps repeating memories

In my head

Who is the one who can

Come in and change your mind

From none to one

Is it this apple in my hand

That will wipe the innocence

Of man or is it the apple in my

Hand that was gifted by a friend

Maybe I’ve said too much and

Now it’s time to sleep

Floating — floating

This is my sweet release

An Evanescence song 

Wake me up inside

Surrender to the night sky

With this moon beam

I have found my alive

Surrender this to the night time

Dreamscapes answer as I close my eyes

11:10 pm

March 31st 2022

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