Apart of this life

I have to believe

You showed me

We are all

Star dust

Your disgust

For the worlds


Has led me

To no more frame

Blown away are the

Worlds I once believed

I don’t know what’s

Happening to me

To have sight

Then none

Is a sight

I did not see

Of me

What do I do ?

After this change

At this point

I’m star dust

Flying around

Calypso of your soul

Atlantis of

Your black hole

A gaze of

No look aways

Lay your head


On the stone

Where I found you

Wings ablaze

Put your head

Back on my shoulder

No one needs to know

What a coward

You are.

Put your head back

on my shoulder

While I still have one

Kiss me like you see

Before I’m gone

You think that is the

Worst. Your heart

Filled with mistrust

Wandering in your


What are you looking to


It’s mine.

How does the possession


“Float the piper

By and down the river”

Maynard said

How does this collar feel?

Trapped like hell?

So vain

Thinking your

The only one

With pain

No one is ever alone

Platos synopsis

Taught me that

You taught me that

God taught me that

But what did I teach you

How could I show you

This dim light that

Showed up barely

Walking to you

I needed my cave

My safe space

Confess don’t rest

Confess don’t rest

My space

My space

My space

I’m already there anyway

What’s the difference

If you ascend today

It wouldn’t make

The world go away

Even with the effect

You put me through

What a shame

This phrase is apart of my life

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